The Best Flower Varieties


A member of the particular daisy family from South Africa, the striking Gerbera is perfect for container as well as vase arrangements. Like a rainbow, the Gerbera includes various colours like red, white, orange, yellow plus more. The Gerbera is often a rather large flower with its petals growing up to approximately a hundred millimeters from one end to the other. Gerberas, featuring its large and also vibrant array of colors, in many cases are employed in arrangements in fun occasions like marriages as well as parties.


Also, easily the best known flower on the globe, the rose is the crème de la crème of the flowers and no floral arrangement would be complete without it. The greatest symbol of affection and also romance, it’s a recommended, if not required, addition to any kind of flower bouquets at all. You are able to pick the traditional shades of reds, pink, whites, or yellows or perhaps those colors which aren’t very well known such as salmon, purple, cream, orange, striped or bi-coloured. It is actually possible to have messages embossed on the petals and leaves too!

The Carnation

The particular carnation, a type of flower that can be found in some shades like white, red as well as yellow, is a great addition to any kind of floral arrangements also. It comes from the particular Dianthus floral species which in turn means “flower of love”. Having a ruffled look and its marvelous fragrance, it is linked to the cloves. The carnation, being one of the more magnificent looking flowers, are commonly put in a vase on its own or in a gift container to emphasise their glorious coloring.

Dutch Tulips

Having its low priced and enormous variety of shades, they’re fairly easy to acquire and frequently utilised when you want lots of booming plants. Associated with accomplishment and extravagant opulence, tulips exude grace and magnificence, the perfect blend for floral arranging. Their particular bold petals and leaves can provide an uplifting appearance whenever displayed as a single stem flower inside a thin see-through vase or elegantly presented in a beautiful opaque flower vase with green leaf filler or perhaps combined with thin branches from shrubs to create an extended arrangement.

The Magnificent Native Hydrangeas

Aa they are prominent and eye-catching, the hydrangeas are viewed as one of the most, if not most, beautiful flowers utilised in the constitution of a flower bouquet or perhaps an arrangement. No matter whether they are placed together inside a wrap, displayed inside a basket or as being a solitary flower inside a vase, they’ve sizeable heads which draw people’s notice in an arrangement on their own or perhaps with other flower kinds.

Focal Point Lilies

Lilies were known as symbols of love, serenity and magnificence and have been so since the beginning of time. Obtainable in whites, reds, oranges, yellows, purples plus a vast mixture of similar colours, they’ve turned into a popular favorite for gifts and tributes. Featuring their fantastic fragrance and also their stunning look, they have got broad appeal for both modern-day as well as conventional tastes. Thanks to its glowing quality and properties, these types of flowers would provide a great addition to any flower composition or perhaps in certain tributes like a funeral.

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